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Radius Scoring

Radius Scoring
Radius scoring takes a fit-first approach to prioritize your hottest leads and accounts so your team can significantly lift win rates and conversions. After you create a goal in Radius, you can set up Radius Scoring by setting your score thresholds so Radius assigns grades to Open records existing in your CRM and MAT, and New records from Radius.

How It Works

Radius scoring calculates which prospects look most like a buyer using a Radius goal as a profile. We analyze matched records from your CRM or marketing automation tools and we use our fit scoring model to calculate your hottest prospects and prioritize them for your team. 

Setup takes a couple of minutes. Just select a scoring goal, map Radius scoring fields, and set your scoring ranges. Within a few hours, Radius scores prospects and sends you scores so your team knows which prospects to work first. After the initial setup, we'll sync every 30 minutes to score new records matched in Radius and update existing Open records.

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