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Radius Goals

Radius Goals
Use Radius to build a model that describes business you want more of and business you don't want filling your pipeline so you can get insight into who are your best prospects.

Think of a Radius goal as your objective. Are you trying to drive more responses across a channel? Trying to get more upsell opportunities with a product release? Or maybe you're trying to drive more MQLs or SALs in the acquisition stage of the funnel. Radius goals help you do that.

How It Works

Within Radius, we call models "goals." Radius models are trained using your CRM or MAT data. We'll analyze your data based on the rules you define for Won and Lost, then we identify your best new prospects from our B2B data set and uncover existing leads and accounts in your CRM or MAT that you may have overlooked.

Your First Goal

We recommend your first goal be specific to a funnel stage, such as MQL. When your first goal focuses on the top of the funnel, you'll have more data to collect, giving you a more accurate reflection into what patterns exist. This means your insights are more actionable. For example, if you flip a coin three times and it lands on heads each time, it's easy to think it’s always going to land on heads. But if you flip a coin 1000 times, you’re more likely to get accurate results: roughly 50 / 50 heads and tails. 

For the best results we recommend having at least 5000 Won and 5000 Lost records. The more wins and losses, the more accurate of an outcome your model predicts.

Multiple Goals

You can set multiple goals. We recommend using multiple goals if you are trying to optimize multiple objectives or are using Radius across your organization. Here are some objectives you might have for Radius goals.

  • Funnel stage optimization. Track how prospects make their way down the funnel through the buyer's journey. From product awareness all the way down to purchase. You can easily track MQL, SQL, SAL, Opportunity, and Customer.
  • Current customer opportunities. Track how successful or unsuccessful your Upsell or Cross-sell opportunities are for different products in your organization.
  • Outbound marketing optimization. Outbound lead generation campaigns such as direct mail, email blasts, digital advertising. You can track the effectiveness of each campaign in terms of the amount of new business generated.

Mange Your Goals

Add a Radius Goal

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