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Data Matching

Data Matching
Data matching helps you maintain a hygienic and accurate database so your company can make better business decisions by getting comprehensive view into your prospects and customers. That's why Radius compares your integrated system of record with our B2B data set, powered by The Network of Record™, every 30 minutes using our proprietary matching algorithm.

Our data matching ensures you're using high quality data for more effective segmentation and insights. Plus, you'll have fewer operations projects to scrub and dedupe before launching campaigns.

How It Works

Our data matching finds similarities between names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and tons of other attributes in your system of record and The Network of Record.

  • If our algorithm finds a high similarity between two records, the record in your system of record is matched in Radius. 
  • If the similarity between two records is not high enough, our algorithm does not match with them. Radius categorizes these as unmatched records that you similarity can match individually or in bulk.
  • Matching does not enrich, append, or change fields in your CRM or MAT.

We match only high quality data so your team has the most accurate view of your prospects and customers. Some records may not match, and that's okay because we'll work with you to improve your data quality through data stewardship tactics like reconciling unmatched records or enriching your data.

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