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Data Append

Data Append
Maintaining quality data at scale can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s where Radius can help. Data Append can fill in data gaps by appending firmographic, technographic, and contact data from our B2B data set, powered by The Network of Record™, to your Salesforce accounts, contacts, and leads to ensure accurate CRM data your company can take action on.

Help your team gain a complete picture of your customers and prospects so your team can target the right people, open more marketing channels, and retarget existing prospects more effectively. By setting up data append, you'll automate the enrichment process instead of treating with point solutions. This way, you'll ensure ensure new leads from Radius are filled with all the data you need and leads existing in your CRM have accurate and actionable data. 

How It Works

We’ve made data enrichment simple by letting you append the B2B data attributes that matter most to your business for profiling and targeting. You can append contact and business attributes to new Radius records or ones existing in your Salesforce.

  • If you enrich New records from Radius, we'll make sure to append the field values you choose during each deployment of New records.
  • If enrich existing CRM records, we'll append field values once after you complete the setup.
  • If you enrich future records in your CRM, Radius incrementally appends data to leads, accounts, and contacts that enter your CRM every hour. 

Data Append fills values for missing field, but does not refresh values if the field already exists. 

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