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What standard Radius fields do I get for net New deployments with and without Data Append?

The standard sets of field values Radius deploys are different based on what you're doing:

  • Deploying net New records to Salesforce, an MAT, or a CSV file; or
  • Appending data to net New records in Salesforce 

If you're deploying net New records, check out our Standard Deployment Field Reference to learn which Radius field values are deployed as standard based on CRM or MAT destinations and their respective objects, whose records receive the field values. For example, if you deploy net New to the Salesforce Lead object, you'll get New lead records with values for Business Name, Business Address, Business Website, Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone, Lead Source, and Owner. 

If you're deploying net New records and also using Data Append, check out our Standard and Additional Data Append Field Reference to learn which Radius fields values are appended as standard to Salesforce objects and which additional fields you can choose. For example, you can append Annual Revenue, Business Name, Number of Employees, Email, and several more fields to Salesforce records. Additional fields include Chain Type, NAICS Code, Number of Locations, and many more.

Finally, note that some field names are similar to the Radius signals you use to build segments, but not all Radius fields are exposed as signals and not all signals are fields. For example, when building a segment, you can select the signal Contact Has Phone Number, and the field whose value is deployed is Contact Phone

For complete details on deployments and Data Append, check out these resources.

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