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Users and Permissions

Users and Permissions
Each user in Radius has a role with different levels of access. Find out how each role works, compare what each role can access in Radius, learn about extra permissions, and how to manage users.

How User Roles and Permissions Work

Radius comes with two user roles: administrator and normal. Plus, you can add your own user roles to define different levels of access. Maybe you want your operations staff matching data and integrating your tools, but not deploying records to your CRM. Or, you want a marketer to focus on targeting audiences and tracking campaigns for the best ROI. You can even customize the permissions you assign to those champions who touch everything. Whoever you work with, Radius lets you set up user accounts with the right level of access.

  • Administrator user role has full control of Radius setup and access to the app. Administrators can manage territories, verticals, integrations, and team permissions, plus they can build and deploy segments.
  • Normal user role has basic Radius functionality. Normal users can build a segment and deploy records from that segment.
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