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Create a Custom Signal for Segmentation or Insights

In Radius, you can use custom signals when you build market segments, and select them when viewing insights. Name your custom signal and select a Salesforce field on the Account, Contact, or Lead object for the signal to use. For example, you can create a custom signal in Radius that lets you segment by a Salesforce field that identifies customers who have purchased one of your products. Deploy the segment to Salesforce and create a campaign to cross-sell add-on products.

Considerations for Using Custom Signals

  • Only Salesforce picklist fields, such as Stage on the Opportunity object, can be used for Radius custom signals.
  • When you add a custom signal, Radius needs to re-match to your Salesforce records. This process can take some time. 

Create a Custom Signal

Need help with Salesforce? Here's Salesforce help for Account fields, Lead fields, and Opportunity fields. 

  1.         From the Radius main menu, select Integrations.
  2. In the Salesforce area, click View Details
  3. Click Advanced Configuration and scroll to the Custom Signals section.
  4. Click Edit and then click Add Signal
  5. Give the signal a meaningful name so you'll understand what you're getting when you use it when building segments or viewing insights.
  6. Select the Salesforce object that has the field you want to map to your signal, and then select the field. 
  7. Click Review Changes.
  8. Click Save and Complete to add your signal and start the re-match process. 
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