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Set Up Radius Scoring for Oracle Eloqua

Set up Radius Scoring to prioritize high-scoring contacts so your team knows who to take action on first.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers who integrate both Salesforce and Eloqua with Radius.
  • Users with Administrator role and Radius Scoring permission.

How It Works

Our scoring engine analyzes matched records from your connected Eloqua to prioritize your hottest prospects based their fit to a Radius Goal. We calculate a score for each prospect by analyzing explicit business attributes to figure out which prospects look most like your buyer profile and prioritize them for your team.

  • Scoring works for goals with at least 100 Won and 100 Lost records. For best results, we recommend over 1000 Won records and 1000 Lost records.
  • Radius can send scores and grades to the Eloqua Contact object.
  • Radius scores only existing Open records we've matched to. Any new records added to your Eloqua automatically receive a score once they are matched.
  • All the net-new Radius record deploy with a score.

widget.png Take a tour! Log in to Radius, then click the walk-thru icon on the Scoring page.

Prepare for Radius Scoring

Here's what you'll need.

  • Review your goal model. Prospects you want filling your pipleline need to be categorized as Open.
  • Review your Eloqua lead routing workflows. You may want to create or modify those workflows so they utilize the new Radius scores.
  • Add Radius Scoring fields to the Eloqua Contact object.
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