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Add a Radius Goal

Create a Radius goal by adding validation rules to describe the sales or marketing objective you are trying to optimize. Make sure you understand how leads, accounts, and opportunities travel through each stage in your funnel and the Salesforce fields that support those paths. You create your first goal when you integrate Radius and Salesforce and set things up, but if you have purchased multiple goals, you can add more after that.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers who use the Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher.
  • Users with Edit CRM configuration permission. By default, Administrators can add or edit integrations.

How It Works

Add a Goal

We recommend that your first goal be specific to a funnel stage, such as MQL. When your first goal focuses on the top of the funnel, you'll have more data to work with and a more accurate view of existing patterns and expected outcomes, so your insights and segments are more actionable. For best results, we recommend that you use a goal that includes at least 5000 Won and 5000 Lost records.

  1. From the Goal menu, select Manage Goals.
  2. Click New Goal.
  3. Define your won criteria by describing business you want more of. Decide whether your Won criteria need to meet any of the rules you set or all of them. 
  4. Define your lost criteria by describing business you want less of. Decide whether your Lost criteria need to meet any of the rules you set or all of them.

Example Goal For Optimizing Marketing Qualified Leads

This goal defines when the lead qualification threshold for MQL has been surpassed and Sales is now actively pursuing this qualified lead.

Example Goal.png

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