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Reconcile Unmatched Records

If an automated sync between Radius and your CRM or MAT results in unmatched records, you can try to manually match them.  Manual matching can get you a higher match rate, and improve Radius' matching algorithms for future syncs.

Sometimes we can't find matches for all of the records in your system of record and records in the Radius Network of Record. We group unmatched records into three categories based on how close they are to finding a match.  

  • Bulk Match (Manual): These are records that fall just below our automatic match confidence threshold. 
  • Individual Match (Manual): These are records with a low confidence threshold. 
  • Unable to Match: These are records for which we can't find any match candidates in The Network of Record. 

You can review records and attempt to find matches one by one or in bulk. And with our machine learning, the more you reconcile, the better Radius gets at matching with your system of record.

Manually Match Records

  1. From the main menu, select Integrations.
  2. Find your integration and click View Details.
  3. From Matching Manager, choose to manually match your records in bulk or individually.
  4. If you choose to match records in bulk, review a few records for accuracy before starting the bulk match process.
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