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Best Practices for Improving Your Match Rate

Low match rates are a result of missing or incomplete data in your CRM and might mean that records are missing values for fields like Contact Name or Website. Here are some best practices for improving your CRM match rate and data quality.

Here are some ways to improve your match rate.

  • Require field values from your lead sources. Collect address, business name, website, phone number, and contact name from prospects when doing your inbound and outbound marketing. Try using website forms that entice customers with exclusive offers, content, discount emails and mailers.
  • Set requirements for your sales reps. An unorganized CRM with limited record data is often a result of sales reps that don't enter enough data, or add information to the wrong fields. Train your sales reps to add any data available to them into the right fields helps your match rate improve, plus quality data helps productivity and reporting.
  • Use Radius Matching Manager. We encourage you to use Matching Manger manually match records as soon as you integrate as well as to schedule weekly or monthly time review matching stats and power through records available for bulk and individual matching. You can reconcile unmatched records to improve your match rate.
  • Update your mapping fields. Radius matches fields in your CRM or MAT to Radius fields, but we have no way of knowing if you change fields in your CRM or MAT. Every quarter, make sure to update your mappings in Radius if your marketing or sales operations change which fields store certain data points.
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