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Data Matching

Data Matching
Radius compares and matches your integrated systems of record with The Network of Record™ every 30 minutes, so you can make better business decisions using comprehensive, accurate information about your prospects and customers.

How It Works

When you connect your CRM or MAT to Radius, our data matching engine compares each record in your system with data in the The Network of RecordTM , looking at names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and other attributes. If our data matching engine finds a high similarity between your record and a record in The Network, the two records are considered to match. If our data matching engine does not find a high similarity, the two records are not considered to match. 

It's important to understand that the matching process does not enrich, append, or otherwise change fields in your CRM or MAT. Radius can work with you to improve your data quality through data stewardship services or auto data append. Depending on the volume of data you give us access to read, matching can take a few hours.

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