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Set Up Data Append

Set up data append to fill incomplete account, contact, and lead records in Salesforce so your team has everything they need to reach out to prospects the right way.

Who can use this feature?

  • Users with Edit CRM configuration permission. By default, Administrators can add or edit integrations. 
  • Data Append for new records is available to customers who use Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher.
  • Data Append for existing and future records is available for purchase. Contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email

Before You Start

  • Understand how Data Append works.
  • Decide which fields you want to fill. Check out which fields are available for you to append.
  • Prepare your Salesforce for Data Append. Depending on the Radius fields you want, you may need to create custom fields in Salesforce.
  • Know your API limits. Your API limits are calculated by your Salesforce edition and number of licenses. Check your API limits in Salesforce. (Salesforce documentation)
  • If you use triggers, workflow rules, validation rules, or process builder flows in Salesforce, you may need to turn them off while we append data to your records. We append data to your records through API so these process can cause rules, workflows, or triggers to execute when you don't want them to. Your Radius Customer Success Manager has experience with this aspect of Data Append setup and can help you make adjustments if you need to. 

Set Up Data Append for Salesforce

Choose which fields you want filled for new and existing records. 

  1. From the main menu, select Integrations.
  2. Under Integrations, select Salesforce.
  3. Under Data Append, click Configure.
  4. Follow the flow to define which records and fields Radius will append data to. Radius appends standard Radius fields to each record.
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