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Reconfigure Data Append

Reconfigure the fields you'll append for New records so that Radius sends field values that your want in a deployment.

Who can use this feature?

  • Users with Edit CRM configuration permission. By default, Administrators can add or edit integrations. 
  • Data Append for new records is available to customers who use Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher.
  • Data Append for existing and future records is available for purchase. Contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email

Make sure you add any Radius fields that are not standard in Salesforce as custom fields. Check Salesforce documentation to see which fields come standard for AccountsContacts, and Leads

  1. From the main menu select Integrations.

  2. Under Integrations, find Salesforce.

  3. Under Reconfigure Data Append, click Reconfigure and then follow the flow to make your changes.
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