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Deploy Records From a Company List to CSV

You can deploy all or part of a company list to a CSV file. Upload it to your CRM and start your ABM campaign.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers who integrate Salesforce or use CRM Uploader.
  • Customers who have the Account-Based Marketing feature.

Considerations for Deploying to CSV

  • Per segment or company list, you can deploy up to 100,000 New records from Radius.
  • Radius recommends that you deploy only the records you'll take quick action on. Since we update The Network of Record every two weeks, you'll be able to deploy again soon with the very latest data. 
  • Did you upload previous CSV file(s) from Radius? Uploading files will ensure that the number of New Radius records in your segment align with what you've deployed in the past.
  • Radius deploys a standard set of fields for New records. Radius tags Open, Won, and Lost records in a list or campaign, but does not deploy field values for Open, Won, Lost records.
  • If you upload a CSV file to Salesforce, you can automatically assign leads you deploy from Radius to owners in Salesforce using your active lead assignment rule. You'll need to have an active lead assignment rule set up in Salesforce.

Deploy Company List Records to CSV

  1. Start from the Audiences tab and click Company Lists.
  2. Find and open the list you want to deploy from.
  3. From your full company list, segment records for deployment if you need to.
  4. Make sure all the records you want to deploy are selected.
  5. Click Deploy and select CSV, then follow the flow. 
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